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Founded in 1982 HAS Aluminyum A.S. is a Turkish aluminium extruder specialising in high quality, tight tolerance, percission aluminium extrusions for progressive customers internationally and has a current workforce of 300 people.

Flexibility and creative scheduling make HAS Aluminyum an especially service oriented company.


Our Certificates

Our company attaches great importance to complying with and applying quality standards by considering environmental awareness.


As HAS Aluminyum, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves in order to create innovations and cost high quality aluminum products. In addition to seeking ways to continuously improve our product quality, we aim to provide a service that not only meets the expectations of our customers but also exceeds expectations.


Proper design is required if manufacturing a product is to be cost effective. We also have complete in-house die building facilities, reducing downtime and increasing the quality of your finished products. HAS Aluminyum’s in-house mechanical engineering staff…


HAS Aluminyum has 2 press lines of 1250 tons and 2000 tons (ranging from 6″ to 8″), which can extrude profiles from 50 g/m up to 15 kg/m. Each press is operated to strict standards and is equipped with PLC controls and handling equipment, ensuring…

Precision Machining

HAS Aluminyum offers precise machining of aluminium and finishes extruded profiles ready for installation. With the addition of our new 5-axis CNC machining center, which can perform 6-side processing, we now have a wider range of machining capabilities..


When it comes to superior finishing quality, HAS Aluminyum drives a hard bargain. With modern facilities and an on-site laboratory for quality control, we will not only meet, but exceed the Aluminium Association or Qualanod requirements for finishing. Bath chemical concentrations…

Powder Coating

The powder coating system itself is housed in its own “clean room” environment which helps to minimize the risk of contaminating the coating. Two powder booths enable us to perform rapid color changes with minimal downtime. The modern design gas fired convection…

Packaging & Shipping

Whether it’s the next city or the next country, we offer a variety of packaging options. From automated plastic wrapping to individually hand wrapped parts, we will do what it takes to supply your needs. Whether it’s the next city or the next country…

Our Products

We offer a very wide range of aluminium profiles. We produced more than 12.000 successful profiles. Some of them are standard profiles and some of them are free available profiles open for everyone.

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